You can play again Pubg will unban on Diwali in India

PUBG Mobile could get unbanned and return in India. The popular mobile Battle Royale shooter game Pubg is all set to Chicken dinner in India. The Pubg is most popular mobile battle royale game is back that put India front of esports. Before the pubg the battle royal games was only developed and available for pc.

The pubg is the first battle royal shooter game which is developed for mobile and it’s launch on February 9th, 2018. The pubg mobile ( PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) got banned by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information on 2nd September. PUBG Mobile, the sleeper hit title that was banned by India government two months ago over cybersecurity concerns.

Krafton Inc, the South-Korean company that owns PUBG Corp. has signed a deal with Microsoft that will let the PUBG parent host the game on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

The deal allows Krafton to host products directly operated by the company and its subsidiaries’, including PUBG on PC and Consoles, in addition to PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India two months ago.

A report by TechCrunch noted that PUBG Corp. has privately informed some streamers that it expects the game to return in the country by year end. Some streamers are expecting an official announcement about the return as early as Diwali.

Besides, Krafton has been working on rebranding the game to get around the government’s ban. The game developer previously said that it had localized its Indian servers before the ban.

when will pubg unban in india ??

The talk on rebooting of the game and bringing PUBG Mobile back to India is going on for a while. Pubg game is developed a south korean company but the distributor of pubg is a Chinesse company tencent. But, the The original rights of the game are held by a Korean company. And, the now Now, this Korean company is looking into ways to bring PUBG back to India.

The report also highlights that sources have indicated that PUBG could make an announcement for the game’s relaunch in India as soon as this week as it plans to run a massive marketing campaign in the nation during Diwali. PUBG casts a shadow on the future of several indigenous games that are official entry into India’s gaming market. FAU-G makers have said the game is not trying to replace PUBG Mobile but create its own space, it is more or less based on the same first-person shooter gameplay

This diwali is a good news for gamers and the pubg players. According to the report the pubg game launch on diwali and may be the last of the this year. The lot of the gamera are post about the pubg return on his offical Instagram, Twitter and the Facebook account. The pubg game is launch in with new map, new wepons and lot of new thing are include in the pubg mobile.

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